KNet is a small, functioning, webserver which you can use to host a website from your very own hard drive! KNet is so small you can run your server from a floppy disk. As KNet is a freeware application you will never be charged for using the application or for updates.

You can literally have your website up and running within 30 seconds of installing, and running KNet. How's that for ease of use? And you need never see or think about KNet again as it can happily run in your task bar.

KNet is, and always will be freeware but we still want your feedback! If you ever have any comments, queries, suggestions, ideas or bug reports then please email me at:


  • Custom 404 Error pages.
  • Password protection.
  • Ban IP addresses.
  • Current Connections list.
  • Last Connection
  • Last Page Requested
  • Last File Requested
  • Supports .ppt, .doc and .xls files direct to browser!
  • Incredibly fast and easy to use!.
  • Directory traversing blocked.