So it is time to recover more value disk space by deleting duplicate files. And the duplicate file finder can help you find and remove your duplicate files efficiently.

All too often, you will back up your important data by making a copy of directory which you do not want to delete. It is no doubt that you will find a large data from the search result. You may be confused by the search result, because you have no time to check those duplicate files one by one. Now you can easily to find out your backup folder and remove those true duplicate files or duplicate folders which you don't want to keep with NoClone new feature - Find Duplicate Folders.

Find and remove duplicate folders

It takes less than 20 minutes to find out duplicate files and folders from a 25GB date folder

Very often, many duplicate files are under the same folder. NoClone 2013 can find out duplicate folders. Check "Exact duplicate files" to let NoClone scan duplicates, then both duplicate files and duplicate folders will be shown in the search result panel, so that you can manage the duplicates more efficiently by managing duplicate folders.

Find and remove similar images

Find similar images regardless of image size and format

With advanced algorithms NoClone 2013 can quickly find all similar images which have been resized, cropped, rotated, slightly modified or saved in a different format. You can control how exact and loose you want the comparison to be. NoClone shows you all the duplicate and similar images in groups and you can review all similar images in visual preview panel by one click.