With this tool you can see all currently running svchost.exe on the system and what service each one belongs to.

You can now see which service is giving you trouble :-)

As an added feature you can view detailed information about the service right from the program.

What's New:

  • Per user request I added the PID memory usage to the list.
  • Per user request I added the options to save the list to a file or to copy it to the system clip board.
  • Per user request I have added the ability to sort the list by column.
  • Changed the details window from a list to a text box. You can now copy the text in the details window.
  • Added new details in the detail window to show what account the service is run from.*
  • Changed the way the program pulls the memory of the svchost processes.
  • Before it had to take debug privileges in order to pull the memory info.
  • This required more API's calls and changes the programs privileges in order to pull that info. Since the program pulls the service information with WMI I changed it to pull the memory information from WMI as well, which doesn't require all those API calls and changing privileges. Thus making the code cleaner and faster.