The app is packed full of features to help you type, from the award-winning prediction engine that learns how you write to predict your next word, to SwiftKey Flow, which lets you write whole phrases without lifting a finger.

SwiftKey is one of the best-selling Android apps in the world. In 2012, it spent more days as Google Play’s No.1 paid download than any other app.

Smart and Easy

  • SwiftKey replaces your phone’s keyboard with one that understands you.
  • It predicts your next word before you’ve even pressed a key.
  • It provides the world’s most accurate autocorrect in 60 languages.

SwiftKey makes touchscreen typing faster, easier and more personalized no matter what app you’re typing in.


  • SwiftKey learns as you type, adapting to you and your way of writing.
  • Train SwiftKey on your message archives from Gmail, Facebook and Twitter, or your blog.
  • SwiftKey doesn’t just learn your popular words, it learns how you use them together.

Tap or flow our words

  • Switch between tapping and gesture-typing with SwiftKey Flow.
  • Flow combines the mind-reading capabilities of SwiftKey with the speed and ease of gliding your fingers across the screen.
  • Flow gives word predictions in real-time as you gesture.
  • Type entire sentences without lifting your finger from the screen, simply by sliding to the space bar between words -- what we call ‘Flow through Space’.


  • SwiftKey supports contextual prediction in 60 languages and counting.
  • Enable up to three languages at once.
  • Naturally combine languages without having to change a setting.

What's New:

  • Added the ability to personalize from Evernote notes and Google+ public posts
  • Fixing several forced closes/crashes
  • Improvements and fixes for language pack management (both personal language models and download process)
  • Fixes for problems with some keyboard layouts (e.g. Spanish) that were defaulting to QWERTY
  • Improvements with dealing with personalization requestsl, including a specific fix for Twitter addressing changes to Twitter’s API
  • Fixing the bug in which the bottom row of the keyboard is obscured by the menu bar (Meizu Mx2, Mx3 , HTC DNA)
  • Resolved some minor app-specific issues