ProxyShell Hide IP provides fast and encrypted proxy IPs in US/UK. This program allows you to use proxies in different countries at same time, and it's easy to customize whether or not to use proxy on each website.

For example, if your ISP blocks youtube, bbc doesn't allow you to watch videos because you are out of UK, and you can visit most of other websites normally. With this program, you can customize to use a US proxy to visit youtube, use a UK proxy to visit bbc, and use no proxy to visit other websites.


  • Private proxy servers located in US/UK
  • Encrypt all your surfings
  • Fully support HTTP, HTTPS sites (https://)
  • Bypass internet restrictions and geographic web blocks
  • Ability to use proxies in two countries at the same time
  • Powerful and customizable surfing rules
  • Easy to customize whether to use proxy on each site
  • Ability to use up to 10 proxy IPs at the same time
  • Ability to change IP for each site automatically
  • Work with IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, no configuration needed
  • As part of the service bundle, you'll also get ProxyShell VPN Service