PokerTH 1.1.1

Easy to learn, funny to play! With PokerTH you can play the popular texas holdem poker game. Try your skills against the computer opponents, and find many friends to play with in the online games.

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To play PokerTH online you just need to register on This is free of charge and easy to do. Whis this gaming account you can login to the internet game lobby, chat with your friends start playing and ... have a lot of fun ;-)

Change the style of your PokerTH game table or card deck by downloading your favourite styles packages. The styles can be found in the styles gallery. Feel free to create your own style and add it to the gallery.


  • Internet Game - Play online games easy on the PokerTH-dedicated-Server
  • Lobby-Chat for internet-/network game
  • Avatars are also available in internet-/network game
  • Computer-Players can be added in internet-/network game
  • New input field including action preselection
  • Auto-check/fold and Auto-check/call-any options for temporary away situations.
  • Blinds values and blinds order completely adjustable
  • Server supports TCP and next generation protocol SCTP/IPv6 at the same time

Android Notes:

  • A minimum display size of 800x480 (WVGA) is required.
  • You need to enable "settings" -> "applications" -> "unknown app sources" on your android device.

What's New:

We are very happy to give a Christmas present to all of you: PokerTH 1.1 was just released on 2014-12-22 and finally supports spectators for tables. There is a new HTML5-based spectator tool which can be used to join and watch games. Spectators are allowed in all games by default and a list of spectators is shown in PokerTH 1.1. If you would like to play privately without spectators, you may disallow spectators in the game settings.

PokerTH 1.1 also comes with several improvements like showing the server ping.

  • Bugfix: Fixed crash when the first action in the first game times out (#258)
  • Bugfix: Properly refresh the game table graphics after changing settings (#253)
  • Bugfix: The menu on the game table was not clickable sometimes (#242)
  • New web-based spectator mode on (#37)
  • New option to allow/disallow spectators when creating a game (#215)
  • Show list of spectators in the lobby and on the game table (#196)
  • Support for WebSocket connections was integrated in the server
  • Show server ping ("application layer ping") in the client (#239)
  • Added option to disable emoticons in the chat (#172)
  • Avatars are no longer displayed for players which are on the ignore list (#187)
  • New option to "unignore" a player in the context menu (#56)
  • Bugfix: context menu in connected player list was fixed (#183)
  • Bugfix: "display idle players" in the lobby was fixed (#136)
  • Bugfix: No longer beep if ignored player uses nickname in chat (#221)
  • Translation updates