Unlike the many other players out there, this software concentrates on offering basic functionality in a compact package.


  • Multilingual cross-platform application
  • Portable and modular design
  • Skinable and highly customizable
  • Includes station recorder, station editor and station updater
  • History of recently played songs and stations
  • Excellent audio quality and performance via FMOD
  • Runs "out of the box", i.e. no bloated Framework or other subsidiary software requirements

What's New

  • added: Main window can be resized to be wider.
  • added / deleted / replaced radio stations (2285 total / ~3453 servers)
  • prp.ini: Saves the window width for later usage.
  • changed: "Picket Fence" spectrum analyser to be easier on the eyes and optimised code.
  • changed: Increased screen updates for the PRP main window.
  • Win32: Uses FASM 1.73.22 & UPX 3.96.
  • fixed: PRP sometimes crashed when selecting the "Snowfall" analyser.