Unique Benefits:

  • Save up to 70% of data-usage with our unique web-compression; don't confuse it with the standard VPN compression, you can change the compression quality from the application and the server will shrink the images on the fly; you don't need to download huge non-optimised sites in your mobile.
  • Block phishing sites and malware before reaching your device; the database updates up to 300 times a day.
  • Stop being tracked, we filter tracking engines, recover your privacy online.

... and the usual benefits:

  • Choose a world location for your public Internet Address IP (New York, London, Zurich, Singapore, etc.).
  • Secure and protect your connection in public hot-spots like airports, coffee shops or other open access points.
  • Hide your internet usage from your corporate network, internet service provider, etc.
  • Avoid deep packet inspection; sustain the speed and priority of your internet connection, your ISP can't ignore net neutrality.
  • Access to websites locked based on location, i.e. Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, etc.
  • Unlock services and apps in restrictive networks, i.e. Skype, VoIP, etc.
  • AES-128 bits encryption, key exchange using RSA-4096 bits.

640MB/mo for free, then 25% discount on subscriptions.