Enterprise security teams relying on traditional breach detection solutions are overwhelmed with thousands of alerts every day. This reactive approach requires manual investigative efforts to find the "needle in a haystack" or relevant breach, allowing malicious attacks to roam undetected an average of 205 days*.

Remediates malware thoroughly

Removes all traces of infections and related artifacts, not just the primary payload or infector. Eliminates risk of new attacks or lateral movements that capitalize on leftover malware traces. Malwarebytes is the de facto industry leader in malware remediation---trusted by millions and proven by

Reduces downtime drastically

Enables you to direct efforts toward revenue-positive projects, versus spending countless hours resolving malware-related incidents and re-imaging hardware across your enterprise.

Works proactively, not reactively

Deploys automated remediation that proactively detects and simultaneously resolves incidents. It's like installing a sprinkler system to stop small fires before they get out of hand. Makes you the hero by enabling you to solve the problem rather than reacting to thousands of security alerts a day.

Hunts for malware

Discovers new and undetected malware and malicious activities and rapidly remediates them. Uses Malwarebytes behavioral rules and heuristics, in addition to indicators of compromise (IOCs) from third-party breach detection tools and repositories.

Enhances existing investments

Integrates easily with existing security information and event management tools (e.g., Splunk, ArcSight, QRadar), Breach Detection Systems (e.g., Lastline, Mandiant, Fidelis), and endpoint management platforms (e.g., Tanium, ForeScout, Microsoft SCCM). You can trigger deployment and remediation through your endpoint management platform based on alerts received from your SIEM and automatically feed resolution details back into your SIEM.