ClipboardFusion uses the same installer for both the Free and the Pro version. If you don't enter a license key during the installation, you'll get an automatic 30-day trial of the Pro features.

After the 30-day trial is up, ClipboardFusion will automatically revert to the Free version. If you'd prefer to revert ClipboardFusion to the Free version before the end of the trial, please follow these steps:

  • Open the ClipboardFusion Settings window
  • Click the License Key tab
  • Click the "Change to Free Version"
  • Click Apply

After performing the steps above, ClipboardFusion will revert to the Free version, with the Pro features disabled. After reverting to the Free version, you'll no longer receive message box prompts to upgrade to the Pro version.

Text Scrubbing

With ClipboardFusion, you can scrub your clipboard text in a variety of ways. Sometimes you need to transfer content between applications, and don't want to take all the extra formatting along with it. ClipboardFusion can help you with that.

You can set ClipboardFusion to scrub all copied text, only double-copied text (press Ctrl + C twice) or you can scrub text manually with the HotKey or context menu.

There are a few different options relating to how your text is scrubbed:

  • Formatting will be removed
  • Whitespace at the beginning or end can be removed
  • HTML tags can be removed

You also have the option to play a sound, or show a notification balloon when text has been scrubbed, just to let you know that ClipboardFusion is doing its job.

Text Replace

With ClipboardFusion, you can search and replace text strings in your clipboard text. You could replace all " characters with the HTML equivalent, ". You could even replace all instances of New York with London, the power is yours.

If you need more power than just a search and replace, check out the Macros for an unlimited ability to manipulate your clipboard text.


Nearly every feature in ClipboardFusion can be fully automated. However, if you like more control over your clipboard you can assign HotKeys to perform all the actions of ClipboardFusion manually.

Here are some of the HotKeys that you can use:

  • Scrub clipboard text now
  • Toggle text auto-scrubbing mode on/off
  • Toggle text replace on/off
  • Toggle Macros on/off
  • Toggle Clipboard Syncing on/off
  • Toggle Clipboard Syncing auto-save on/off
  • Save current clipboard text to your Binary Fortress Account
  • Assign a HotKey to each Macro
  • Assign a HotKey to each Pinned Item from your Binary Fortress Account account

You can configure these HotKeys to use any key combination that works best for you, you have complete control.

What's New:

  • Change: Push syncing improvements
  • Change: New option to disable tooltips for the Clipboard Manager and Tray menus
  • Fix: HotKey Trigger Actions will no longer disappear on startup
  • Fix: Tooltips in the Tray menus will no longer blink/flash
  • Fix: The "Scrub line breaks within text" checkbox now works correctly
  • Fix: General fixes and improvements