CAM Dashboard

Monitor all your essential components on the Dashboard and receivetimely alerts that notify you when something is wrong. Gain access to a wealth of information including detailed graphs and in-depth stats

Mobile App

Easily track your PC(s) on the go with a compatible android or iOS device. For NZXT hardware users, you can also control your components remotely.

GPU Overclocking

Overclocking doesn't have to be confusing or difficult. Use our simple, safe overclocking tool to get the most out of your GPU. Effortlessly overclock your GPU and push your FPS to the max.

CAM Overlay

CAM overlay is highly configurable but also simple to use. Keeps tabs on your fps, temperatures, and much more in a clean, easy to read format.

Fullscreen Mode

Take advantage of multi-monitor setups with CAM's fullscreen mode, providing you with complete access to your stats while you play.

FPS Tracking

Track frames per second (FPS) for all of your favorite games

Instant Alerts

Instant warning when components aren’t functioning properly

Cloud Data

Review your PC’s historical data to identify abnormal activity

Game History

See your FPS stats for your most recent game sessions