Prepros can compile Sass, Less, Stylus, Pug/Jade, Haml, Slim, CoffeeScript and TypeScript out of the box. You can also add your own tools with just a few clicks.

Bundle JavaScript

Bundle ES6 imports and modules from npm without writing a configuration file.

Find Problems at a Glance

Prepros shows exactly where you have a problem in your code. Forget black screen full of unreadable jumble.

Built-in Server

Prepros comes with a built-in HTTP & HTTPS server. It can serve pages directly from your project folder or proxy them from an external server such as WordPress, Shopify, XAMPP, Wamp, MAMP, etc.

Network Preview

Preview pages on mobile devices with ease. Just scan the QR-Code or open the address. Prepros also reloads all connected mobile browsers automatically every time you make a change in your code.

Automatic Browser Reload

Prepros reloads your browsers automatically every time you make a change in your code.

Minify & Optimize

Minify & Optimize assets to save bandwidth and make your sites faster. Minify & compress JavaScript files. Minify & compress CSS files. Optimize jpg, png & svg images.

Synchronized Testing

Prepros synchronizes scroll position, mouse, keyboard and form inputs across multiple devices & browsers. Makes it really easy to test sites everywhere. Synchronizes relative scroll position. Synchronizes taps, clicks & hover. Synchronizes keyboard & form inputs.

Manage Packages with NPM

Search, install and manage packages from with just a few clicks.

What's New:


  • UI improvements.


  • Updated Babel, Babel plugins and presets to 7.14.2
  • Updated Node Sass to 6.0.0
  • Updated Dart Sass to 1.32.13
  • Updated PostCSS to 8.2.15