PostSmile lets you insert animations, emoticons, and fun smiley faces into your e-mail messages, as well as online message board postings, Web email and Microsoft Word documents. You can easily insert a PostSmile image or text/HTML signature by dragging and dropping into your email or using the point and click method. Either way, the image or text/HTML signature will be inserted at the position of your cursor. PostSmile works with most popular email programs, including Outlook, Outlook Express and many others that support HTML messages. PostSmile also works on Web forums, message boards, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and other Web-based email.

The program is easy to use, and has an attractive, compact interface with smileys, images, and signatures organized in categories. You also get a choice of different skins for the program interface so you can change the appearance of the program anytime you like. You can add your own smileys, images, animations, emoticons. or text/HTML
signatures to the program and make your own original packs and groups.

Use PostSmile when you want to make your email more interesting, fun or to make your email stand out from the others. PostSmile makes it easy to add fun to your email! PostSmile can also be very useful as a tool when using the text/HTML signature feature. You can use it to save special signatures for adding text you often include in your email. You can use famous sayings, for example, as PostSmile signature files and include them at the bottom of your email. You can combine images and text and make your own original signature! The Signature feature available in all newer versions of PostSmile, gives you many new and useful options.

If you want to say more - say it with PostSmile!