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More about Jetico Personal Firewall

Alternatively you can download the latest stable version of this software.

The Jetico Personal Firewall software allows the user:

* Protect computer from both inbound hackers' attacks from network as well as from unwished network access attempts performed by malicious software.
* Choose a pre-defined Security Policy.
* Edit existing Security Policy.
* Create own Security Policy (i.e. the firewall rule set configuration).
* Monitor running applications that access network.
* Monitor selected/all the network packets as well as selected network events.

Three-layers protection:

I. Low-level network packets filtering. The level checks network packet validity as well as various parameters of the network packet (like source and destination addresses, protocol, etc.) The level helps a lot to make your computer invisible in non-trusted network. For example, if you set the Optimal Protection Policy in Jetico Personal Firewall, the ShieldsUp! Internet security probing tests will report that your computer is "Stealth", i.e. from the standpoint of hacker, the computer does not exist on the Internet.

II. Application-level network events filtering. The level filters network connections on per application basis allowing to monitor, limit or block network activity of concrete Windows applications. If you are not sure why some program sends or receives data from Internet, you can block network activity of the program.

III. Filtering of user-level process activity. This kind of protection notifies user and cuts off dirty tricks performed by trojans and other malicious programs. For example, such a trojan can inject its own code to the memory of running well-known and trusted program, like Internet Explorer, and later make Internet Explorer's process send or receive data the trojan wants to transmit.

At the moment Jetico Personal Firewall detects and prevents such a network activity of malicious programs that are illustrated in firewall test programs like AWFT, DNStest, Copycat, FireHole, Ghost, LeakTest, MBTest, Outbound, PCAudit, PCAudit2, Surfer, Thermit, TooLeaky, WallBreaker, and Yalta.

What's New:

* Uninstaller problem fixed.
* "File"->"Save as" function implemented. Read more.

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