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RightMark CPU Clock Utility 2.35

GUI application designed for realtime CPU frequency/load monitoring. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about RightMark CPU Clock Utility

RightMark CPU Clock Utility (RMClock) is a GUI application designed for realtime CPU frequency/load monitoring and on-the-fly adjustment of the CPU multiplier (FID) and voltage level (VID) of the supported CPUs via processor's power management model specific registers (MSRs). In auto-management mode it continuously monitors the CPU usage level and dynamically adjusts the CPU frequency and/or voltage level as needed.

What's New:


* Added automatic SuperLFM feature detection (Intel Santa Rosa platform).
* Corrected main tray icon animation to include SuperLFM state.
* Added identification of 45nm Intel Core 2 CPUs.
* Added identification of Intel Celeron Dual Core CPUs.
* Fixed performance on demand state comparison in SuperLFM mode.
* Corrected CPU load measurement in SuperLFM state (Intel Santa Rosa platform).
* Performance on Demand profiles now shouldn't get stuck in SuperLFM state.
* CPU defaults settings now use P-states rather than FID/VID pairs.
* P-states table disabled when CPU power management features are unavailable.
* RMClock PRO: "Application running" event now also includes processes from other users.
* Added preliminary support for 45 nm Intel Core 2 family processors (Yorkfield, Wolfdale and Penryn cores).
* Fixed Auto-adjust intermediate states VIDs feature behavior on Intel Santa Rosa platform.
* Added flexible VID choice for Intel Dynamic Acceleration (IDA) P-state.
* Modified FID/VID range used in Monitoring.
* Fixed CPU frequency measurement in SuperLFM mode.
* Reverted not to use 8254 timer by default as a clock source for CPU frequency measurement.
* Added preliminary detection and support for Intel Dynamic Acceleration (IDA) and Dynamic FSB Frequency Switching (DFFS) technologies on Intel Santa Rosa platform.
* Changed minimal VID and Maximal FID/VID detection on Intel Core 2 CPUs.
* Redesigned CPU performance states editor (Profiles page) to indicate P-state type and support flexible FID P-states.
* Modified default settings of custom Vista OSPM plan to automatically disable the OS CPU power management.
* Removed "Use Intel Core 2 ACNT for the CPU load determination" registry tweak.
* Implemented 4-digit VID fraction indication in most UI parts.
* Improved design of the Settings page.
* Restricted application language selection to the available resource DLLs only.
* Added use of 8254 timer as a clock source for CPU frequency measurement by default (configurable via registry tweak).
* Added support for Intel ICH9DO southbridge.
* Added new multiprocessor platforms CPU load calculation methods.
* Added detection of AMD Family 10h Opteron CPUs (no support for AMD Cool`n'Quiet 2 technology yet).
* RMClock Updater: added update version restrictions to prevent the download and installation of incorrect update versions.
* Added detection of the mobile Intel Core 2 Solo processors.
* Added support for the new Intel Core 2 family processors (CPUID 10661h).
* Fixed OSPM settings names display on localized Windows versions.
* Fixed log file handling. Read more.

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