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avast! Browser Cleanup Tool 12.3.315400

avast! Browser Cleanup allows removing of well-known annoying toolbars from all major browsers. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about avast! Browser Cleanup Tool

“Remove” means here uninstall and remove the toolbar and all its components completely from your computer. This action cannot be undone. However, removing an add-on sometimes might not be desired always as you might not be sure what’s really behind this add-on. For this reason avast! Browser Cleanup also offers a button “Disable”. Disable just switches off the functionality of the add-ons. The add-on itself persists on disk. You can undo this action just by clicking “Enable”. This will re-enable the add-on and all functionality is back. Probably you need to restart your Internet Browser, however.

Nowadays almost any free software for Windows comes with some more or less unwanted add-ons which are mostly the cash cow for the product vendor. In most cases a Browser add-on (a so called toolbar) is installed. Some of these toolbars claim to be somehow useful. However, in general they are used to analyze the user preferences and behavior and send this data to other vendors where it’s used to present user specific ads. A lot of these toolbars are annoying for the user: Tracking data is being sent to some backend servers. Read more.

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