The Nvidia Detonator XP Unified Driver Architecture (UDA) delivers new performance optimizations and features in both DirectX and OpenGL. Detonator XP provides a free performance upgrade for your TNT, GeForce2, and GeForce3 families of GPUs. Detonator XP software provides a 30 to 50 percent increase in performance for all Nvidia GPUs in both DirectX and OpenGL application programming interfaces. In addition, Detonator XP software exposes new hardware acceleration for Windows XP, enabling new features such as 3D textures and shadow buffers.

The latest update features GeForce4 Ti 4200 support, full acceleration and support for the GeForce4 and Quadro4 families, highly optimized Microsoft DirectX 8.1 and OpenGL 1.3 with Nvidia extensions pipelines, and more.