Based on the NVIDIA unified driver architecture (UDA), the Detonator driver is both forward and backward compatible---across all implementations of NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs).

Release Highlights:

  • Delivers an incredible 30% increase in performance over previous Detonator 40 drivers**
  • The industries only true Unified Driver Architecture (UDA) - supports over five generations of NVIDIA GPUs - from TNT to GeForce FX -all in a single driver binary
  • The industry's best Microsoft® DirectX® 9 support
  • Ultimate "The Way It's Meant to be Played" experience
  • nView™ 2.0 multi-display technology increases productivity and provides the necessary tools to control the way users access and view applications.
  • NVRotate enabling image rotation on today's advanced flat panel displays.
  • NVKeystone allows for real-time image correction on portable projectors and heads-up displays.
  • Digital Vibrance Control 3.0 allows users to adjust color controls to achieve accurate, bright colors under all conditions.

* 44.03 is WHQL Certified for the GeForce FX family of GPUs
** Performance results based upon GeForce FX 5600 Ultra running UnrealTournament 2003 Antalus flyby.