Conner has merged with Seagate and will continue to use the Conner name when referring to CNR117.SYS device driver. Note that the CNR117.SYS device driver does not support Conner's 2 Mbps tape controller. This device driver can be used with Conner's floppy interface tape drives that support the QIC-117 protocol. This includes the following Conner tape drives and (tapes): CTT-3200 (TR3, TR2, QW3020, QW3010, MC3000XL PIMAT, MC3000XL TAUMAT), CTT-800 (TR1, QW5122F, DC2120XL, DC2120, DC2080), TSM-420 (QW5122F, DC2120XL, DC2120, DC2080), and 11250N (DC2120, DC2080).