Product PartNo : WRT160N v2 only

Ver #. Description
2.0.03 build 7 1. Support Home network defender
2. Updated Network Magic support

2.0.02 build 15 1. Fixed issue with downloaded files size reported.
2. Fixed improper wide channel when auto channel select.
3. Fixed failure to report wireless client statistics.
4. Fixed PPPoE disconnect button not sending out termination packet.
5. Fixed GUI when entering PIN for Wi-Fi protected setup.
6. Fixed GUI with Wi-Fi protected setup with Passphrase being more than
20 characters will cause connection to fail.
7. Fixed WPA or WPA2 phassphrase does truncates only allows for
20 characters.
8. Fixed DHCP client for router behind router connection.
9. Fixed DynDNS having problem with username and password improperly
giving error message when Hose name is blank.
10. Fixed DynDNS allowing for more character than it is allowed.
11. Fixed Save settings button not always sending HTTP GET message.
12. Fixed GUI with Factory default screen.
13. Fixed conflicting HNAP action by two clients.
14. Fixed DynDNS does not send out updates request for IP change.
15. Fixed RIP does not reply with the next hop.
16. Fixed RIP changes does not go to effect immediately.
17. Fixed Domain name not being properly handled.
18. Fixed when setting to remote management, it gets redirected to
Upgrade screen.
19. Fixed acceptance to non-valid wireless settings.
20. Fixed NTP with DHCP internet connection.
21. Fixed DNS not resolving URL.
22. Fixed L2TP internet connection improperly getting new IP address.
23. Fixed wireless not enable wireless when it is in disabled state.
24. Fixed video streaming not always working properly.
25. Fixed HNAP reporting of wireless client status.

2.0.02 build 11 1. Fixed Add DNS Random Port Masquerade
2. Fixed DNS Vulnerability
3. Fixed a few protocol issues with LELA.
4. Fixed issue with Vista WPS features.

2.0.02 build 8 First release

Check your user guide for Upgrade instructions. In some cases, it may require to
reset the router to factory default.