What's New:

Firmware: 1.7
Date: 11/02/06

New Features:
1. NAT endpoint filtering enabled.

Problems Resolved:
1. PPTP/L2TP Linux crash/reboot issue resolved.
2. Radius Server NAS-IP fix.
3. UPnP port forwarding fixed to function with Sony Location Free TV.
4. UPnP function in Azureus fixed.
5. DHCP Server not providing DNS servers after ipconfig release/renew when the WAN side is connected to the SBC DSL Modem in DHCP mode is resolved.
6. Timezone and Daylight saving in Manual mode support.
7. Disable gaming rule is displayed when a rule is disabled.
8. Duplicated Inbound Filter Rules not allowed on the Inbound Filter Page.
9. RTSP ALG issue resolved.

1. Rearrangement of the UI to be user friendly.
2. Pure Networks - Final HNAP Enhancements.
3. Added 2 NTP servers to drop down list:
- a.ntp1.dlink.com
- b.ntp.dlink.com.tw
4. Simplified the Dynamic DNS page.
5. Removed WCN ActiveX feature.