What's New:

  • Supports 32nm Desktop CPUs
  • Added "Turbo Performance" option (may boost performance if enabled)
  • Fixes 1866MHz Memory Ratio


  • Download the following file
  • Use CD Burning software to burn the .iso image onto a blank CD (Nero, Alochol 120%, MagicISO etc.)
  • After it has burned, insert CD and restart the machine, go into the BIOS and load defaults, save and exit.
  • Now set the CD Drive as the primary boot device, or press escape while the system is booting to select CD as the bootable device.
  • After flash remove the CD, and power off PC Completely.
  • Turn on the PC and load defaults in BIOS


  • Do not restart or interrupt your PC while the flash is ongoing
  • Do not Flash BIOS on overclocked settings
  • It is always recommended to power-down after flash and Clear CMOS