What's New:

➢ Added Windows 7 support
➢ Fixed NVRAM miss issue
➢ Added PPTP Forward function.
➢ Fixed DHCP Reservation issue.
➢ Fixed Multicast issue.
➢ Fixed HTTPd response error issue
➢ Fixed PPPoE keepalive issue
➢ Fixed RIP static route issue
➢ Fixed DynDNS/TZO update issue
➢ Fixed Wireless WEP authentication in auto mode issue
➢ Fixed MAC cloning invalid MAC address issue
➢ Fixed MAC filtering issue with wireless clients
➢ Fixed Port forwarding with overlapped port numbers
➢ Fixed Web filtering ActiveX issue
➢ Fixed WPS issue when router uses default settings
➢ Fixed PING function stopping issue
➢ Fixed Config restore warning when using an invalid config file