iOS features an easy-to-use interface, amazing features, and rock-solid stability, and it is your Apple TV's foundation.

This is an updater for your Apple TV's firmware and it gives you the possibility to apply the latest firmware improvements to your device.

What's New:

- TV resolution fix: Addresses an issue that causes some high-definition TVs to incorrectly display at 480p.
- Download fix: Addresses an issue that may cause a movie or TV show to be re-downloaded.

Note: IF you do not want to use the IPSW you can also download and install the AppleTV firmware directly from Apple by following these steps:

1. Select Settings > General using your Apple Remote.
2. Select Update Software. At this time your Apple TV checks to see if an update is available and a Download Now message should appear.
3. Select Download Now to start the download process. When the update has finished downloading, an Update Now message should appear.
4. To start the update process, select Update Now. During the update process, your Apple TV will conduct a restart which is followed by the Apple logo and a status bar. Note: On some TVs, the screen may display black for up to 15 minutes and the Apple TV may flash an amber light; this is expected behavior. Do not unplug your Apple TV during the update process.
5. After the final restart, your Apple TV plays the opening video and returns to the main menu.