Upgrade your Conexant HCF USB Generic Modem. Please understand that the modem drivers you will be installing are intended for basic modem operations and are generally not supported. Installing USB HCF Generic Modem on WinXP *NOTE: PC with 500 MHz or higher processor clock speed and 128 MB of RAM or higher is recommended. A. Extract generic modem driver: 1. After downloaded the USB HCF generic driver for Win XP, extract the driver from the HCFu_WinXP.zip file. B. Upgrading your current modem driver: 1. Double click on the HXFsetup.exe file inside "c:\USB HCF Modem". If you see a pop-up window indicates that the software has not passed Windows Logo testing, just select Continue Anyway. 2. Then if the "Add new hardware wizard" asks for the location of the driver, follow the steps below. 3. Select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" and click Next. 4. Then select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install." and click Next. 5. Click on Have Disk. 6. Type "C:\USB HCF Modem" and Click OK. 7. Make sure the device name is called "Generic HCF USB Modem" and click Next. 8. You will get another pop-up message indicates the software has not passed Windows Logo testing again, and you should select Continue Anyway. 9. Click Finish when the installation is completed.