Top Performing Controller

Fully supporting the latest generation of the SATAII / 6Gbps standard, with up to 510 MB/s transfer rate. The Marvel, 88SS9174 controller chip delivers extensive products life, data security, and stability, and also has excellent read-write performance with both compressible and non-compressible data making it the best choice on the SSD market.

Non-0/1 State

Plextor SSD remains the same read and write speed when select 0, 1 or random for testing.

Our Exclusive, Innovative Firmware Technology

Exclusive is our advanced firmware technology; innovations that ensure our SSD solutions continue to deliver maximum hardware performance. Instant Restore solves the customers' concern about SSDs, the read/write efficency in Dirty State. By rearranging the data blocks, garbage collection, and optimization of unused space, the technology allows reading and writing large amounts of data at high speeds. The Global Wear Leveling distributes wear over time, which effectively extends the life of the SSD. At the same time, the Bad Block Management algorithm effectively ensures that data is stored on functional areas of the memory, minimizing the risk of errors.

High Plextor Quality : Stringent testing for every drive

Every Plextor SSD is built to exacting standards and thoroughly tested to ensure that it is manufactured to our impeccable quality demands. These include 20-hour High Temperature burn-in test and the rigors of the industry's premier-level FLEXSTAR testing machine to simulate the real working environment. Plextor SSD devices are of the highest quality, as borne out by the 0.5% average annual failure rate (AFR), the lowest in the industry.

What's New:

  • Latest Firmware from Plextor