*Note: Some KL133 chipsets have the VT8364 northbridge instead - see below.

** Note: These drivers do not have the Microsoft logo and users will be shown an error message at the beginning of the installation process.

Pro Savage VGA integrated with the following Northbridges:
VT8604 (on PL133)
VT8605 (on ProSavage PL133T)
VT8364 (on KL133)
VT8364A (on KL133A)
VT8365 (on ProSavage KM133)
VT8365A (on ProSavage KM133A)
VT8751 (on ProSavageDDR P4M266)

Twister VGA integrated with the following Northbridges:

VT8603 (on PN133)

VT8606 (on PN133T)

VT8362 (on ProSavage KN133)

Installation Procedure:

To install the driver click on the appropriate link. Choose the "Save File" option and save it to your folder under Windows where you file your drivers. Unzip the file. (If you are using Windows ME or Windows 98 with the Plus enhancement pack, they have a built-in compression agent that will allow you to extract zip files by right clicking and highlighting "Extract All". If you are using WinZip or another third party Zip/Compression program, follow the instructions of the program to unzip the file. Double click the "SETUP.EXE" icon. The program will then run and install the driver. You will be asked to restart. Always restart after installing drivers.

A note about the KPLE drivers

Microsoft's recently changed their requirements to a minimum frame buffer of 16MB, however KPLE's maximum frame buffer is 8MB. Therefore, KPLE drivers can no longer fulfill the requirements to get Microsoft's logo. The last KPLE drivers to receive the Microsoft logo were:

Win98, 9X, ME

VIA will continue to update features etc of the KPLE drivers and release new versions of the drivers, without the Microsoft logo. Those drivers will present the user with an error message at the beginning of the installation procedure, notifying the user that the driver has not passed Windows logo testing. Users are advised to choose "Continue anyway" as the drivers will have passed stringent internal testing from VIA and despite the fact that they do not have the Microsoft logo, they may contain updates that are important to your system and are therefore better to use than the older drivers above.