• 05/30/2003 - Version 5.00.3533b released [Quick Fix]

    Fixed bug with DirectX Panning function (for 10k1-based boards)
  • 05/28/2003 - Version 5.00.3533 released

    Some fundamental SoundFont changes:
    Fixed modulation, attack, decay, sustain, release formulas
    Improved panning quality
    Added support for 'Balance' MIDI controller (#8)
    Fixed stereo samples support (based on CL behaviour)
    Fixed attenuation formulas (based on CL behaviour)
    Added 'Synth Compatibility' option
    Default Synth volume increased by +6dB
    Fixed Velocity to FilterCutoff formula (can be turned off via 'Synth Compatibility' flags)
    MIDI Implementation chart revised

    Fixed bug with incorrect patch names for drum channels
    Fixed bug with clicks when using Vienna
    Fixed some sfman32.dll-related issues
    Re-distributed sfman32.dll updated (should fix patch name issues with multiple devices)
    (NOTE: you may need to install sfman32.dll from previous driver version if you experience problems with SoundFonts and / or patch names. Please review the following article (SoundFont discussion for details.).
    Fixed bug with muted SoundFont devices when running Vienna

    Some of the inputs and outputs re-labelled based on IO Assignment guide
    Fixed Optical / Coaxial labelling
    (a new 10k2-specific slider 'AC97 In 2' corresponds to Philips UDA ADC codec connected to the AC97 codec)
    (in order to be actived, it is necessary to turn on AC97 master volume ("kxctrl -sac97 0 0")
    (don't forget to turn it back off by running "kxctrl -sac97 0 9f1f") [EXPERIMENTAL]
    Added 'I2S 2 Out' slider for 10k2-based boards

    Minor GUI improvements
    Added 'Enable Balloon Tooltip' option

    Fixed bug with 22050Hz recording frequency being rejected
    Added support for 96000Hz recording in 'Direct SPDIF Recording' mode (if supported by hardware)
    Added 24-bit audio playback support for 10k2-based boards [EXPERIMENTAL]

    Fixed bug with 'Bypass' option not being restored correctly
    Plugin presets handling code re-written (ALPHA)
    Added option to import / export plugin presets (ALPHA)
    Added context menu for selecting presets via kX DSP
    Fixed bug with saving settings in version-independent format

    Major kX Mixer optimizations solving long delays
    Improved kX Mixer memory management

    Added option to preserve settings on upgrade/reinstall [EXPERIMENTAL]
    Added ASIO Control Panel for kX Mixer (Settings - ASIO Control Panel)
    Fixed bug with AC97 controls been swapped (left and right)
    Added 'FXBusX', 'Prolog Lite', 'Epilog Lite k1', 'Epilog Lite k2' and 'AC3 Passthru' effects
    Added 'FXMix' effect
    Updated 'B2B' and '16to32' effects
    Fixed bug with help displayed incorrectly
    Fixed playback buffer sizes (Setup Buffers window)
    I/O (SPDIF) Status window added
    Added support for AC-3 passthru for some 10k1-based cards (with chip revision>=7) (ALPHA)
    Fixed bug with incorrect WinMM/DSP volumes when set to maximum
    Fixed bug with 'LineIn' WinMM slider being handled incorrectly
    GSIF support implemented
    Improved GSIF audio latency