Firmware 2.7.1
- Support for multiple content types on one disc
- DVD playback bugfixed
- 3.11 is improved
- Static IP support
- Automatic PC-Link server detection

Firmware 2.7.0
- DivX Playback of formats 3.11, 4 and 5 certified by DivXNetworks, Inc.
- Fixed shuffle when "end of file / end of track" occurs
- Shuffle does no longer play track 0
- PCM audio in MPEG4 is fixed
- Better shuffle function - We now use time as seed
- Possible fix for vcd/svcd fast forward/revers
- DVD - Navigation fixes for numerous movies
- DVD - Info page fix, sometimes DVD info was corrupted
- DVD - Pause/Play caused a skip to the next I Frame
- Changed time function for MPEG4 - Subtitles should now be in sync
- Overall improved performance.

Firmware 2.6.8
- Fixed issue with "Wrong region code" on DVD
- Fixed subtitles synchronization after search in MPEG 4
- Fixed issue with DVD discs which have a lot of PC content in the root

Firmware 2.6.7
- Optimized 3.11 support
- Fixed DVD authentication issues
- Fixed bug when having multiple audio streams
- Added support for outputting 96kHz sampling rates
- Added support for searching in MPEG4 files via PC-Link
- Improved the way the DVD player connects to PC-Link

Fixes & new features included in firmware 2.6.6:
- Fixed time search in MPEG4
- Scaling fix for DVD
- Centered DivX subtitles
- Black frame around DivX subtitles
- 3.11 support (playback may pause on high action scenes)
- Improvements to streaming engine
- Ethernet stability improved

By upgrading with the latests firmware, KiSS DVD player DP-500 is now supporting all versions of DivX including 3.11. When playing 3.11 in high bitrates, there is a risk of short dropouts in the picture. For instance when playing fast detailed action scenes.

Includes the following fixes from firmware 2.6.5:
- Fixed some problems with the DHCP daemon