This firmware update allows you to use the Creative FM Wired Remote with your Creative NOMAD® MuVo®² (4.0 GB) player. The Creative FM Wired Remote allows you to access the controls of your player without having to take the player out of your bag or pocket. In addition, the Creative FM Wired Remote adds an FM Tuner with up to 32 preset FM channels, and a built-in microphone for voice recordings. This firmware update also extends the language display capability of your Creative NOMAD MuVo² (4.0 GB) player. Firmware Enhancements: * Adds support for Creative FM Wired Remote functions (Voice Recording, FM Tuner, and FM Recording). These functions can be accessed from the root menu of your player or via the Mode button on the Creative FM Wired Remote. * Shifts the Folder (Root) and Playlist options to the root menu for improved accessibility. * Shortens the time taken for the player to load transferred music immediately after the USB cable is unplugged from your computer. * Adds Chinese Simplified and Korean language support. * Supports the display of Russian (Cyrillic) ID3 tag information for MP3 and WMA files in your player. NOMAD MuVo² Pack (version 1.01.10 or later) for Creative MediaSource is necessary for full and correct functionality. Fixes: * Resolves the issue where SmartScan is activated when it is not required. * Single-byte Katakana characters are now displayed correctly. Requirements: * Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium Edition or Windows 98 Second Edition * USB port, version 1.1 or 2.0 * Creative NOMAD MuVo² (4.0 GB) player Notes: * To install the firmware update, double-click the firmware update file and follow the instructions on the screen. Do not transfer files or perform other player tasks before, and during, the firmware update. * To enable FM support for the Japan region (76-90 MHz): 1. In the root menu of your player, browse to the Settings option and press MENU. 2. Browse to the Language option and press MENU. 3. Scroll through the available languages and select Japanese (in Kanji characters). * FM and voice recordings are stored in the VOICE folder on your player. The VOICE folder can be accessed from your computer when the player is connected to your computer's USB port. * This firmware update only works with NOMAD MuVo² (4.0 GB) players. Do not install this update if you own a NOMAD MuVo² player in a different storage capacity.