Reactor™ R 1.06.57 driver supports Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 and OpenGL 1.5 for the XGI™ Volari™ GPUs including Volari™ Duo, Volari™ V8/V8 Ultra, Volari™ V5, and Volari™ V3XT. The Reactor™ R 1.06.57 driver also incorporates PowerManager, DesktoPlus, Rotech, Virtual Screen, optimization of Open GL 1.5, and 1080i/720p HDTV support. PowerManager provides real-time GPU temperature data and monitoring. DesktoPlus allows users to organize their resources effectively with multiple, customized desktops. Rotech, stands for "Rotational Technology", powers up the hardware support for high quality monitor rotation. With a navigator from Volari's Virtual Screen, it frees users from the limits of smaller monitor sizes and lets them zoom into the areas selected.

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