1. Added code to detect PS2 mouse.
2. Remove EPA LOGO.
3. Remove "USB Wakeup from S3" item, default is enabled.
4. Remove "IDE DMA Transfer" item, default is enabled.
5. Added "HDD Security Freeze Lock" function.
6. Fixed BIOS can't clear overclock CPU frequency when clear CMOS.
7. Update new CPU micro code.
8. Fixed Intel SELFTEST version 4.7.3 issue.
9. Fixed when plug PCI-E card and pull out battery and Reset, without save CMOS or Press "F1" to pass POST PCI-E card will hand on post 66h at first time.
10. Fixed Smithfield 840 CPU EIST function work abnormally.
11. Fixed DOS MBI utility issue.
12. Added code to detect SATA1/2 distinguishment during POST.
13. Fixed can't detect SATA HDD after clear CMOS
14. Fixed HDD freeze function fail after S3 resume
15. Changed "HDD security freeze function" default setting Enable.