The Catalyst® software suite 5.11 contains the following:

* Radeon® display driver 8.191
* Multimedia Center™ 9.08
* HydraVision™ 3.25.0006
* HydraVision™ Basic Edition 3.25.9006
* Remote Wonder 3.02
* WDM Driver Install Bundle
* Southbridge/IXP Driver
* Catalyst® Control Center Version 5.11

The Catalyst® Control Center requires that Microsoft's .NET Framework Version 1.1 be installed. Without .NET Version 1.1 installed the Catalyst® Control Center will not launch properly, and the user will see an error message as a result.

The Remote Wonder™ 3.02 software is intended to support Remote Wonder™ and Remote Wonder™ II products. Remote Wonder™ Plus user should continue to use the software provided with the product.

The ATI WDM Driver Install Bundle contains both the ATI WDM Driver versions 8.19 and 4.07. The setup program automatically detects the ATI All-in-Wonder® or ATI VIVO™ product installed in your system and installs the appropriate ATI WDM components.

The WDM version 8.19 is installed on:
· All-in-Wonder® 9600 Series
· All-in-Wonder® 9800 Series
· All-in-Wonder® 9700 Series
· All-in-Wonder® X600 Series
· All-in-Wonder® X800 XT
The WDM version 4.07 (6246) is installed on:
· Radeon® 9200 series or earlier All-in-Wonder® products.
· ATI VIVO™ products
If you have an ATI All-In-Wonder™X800 XL, please refer to topic number 737-20764

The Catalyst® software suite is designed to support the following ATI desktop products:

* Radeon® X1800 series
* Radeon® X1300 series
* Radeon® X850 series
* Radeon® X800 series
* Radeon® X700 series
* Radeon® X600 series
* Radeon® X550 series
* Radeon® X300 series
* Radeon® 9X00 series
* Radeon® 8500 series
* Radeon® 7X00 series

ATI All-In-Wonder® variants based on the above are also supported.

All ATI Radeon® PC Graphic cards are optimized for Microsoft's Media Center Edition 2005 when coupled with a supported video capture card.

The Catalyst® software suite is designed to support the following ATI chipset products:

* Radeon® Xpress™ 200 series
* Radeon® 9000 IGP
* Radeon® 9100 IGP
* Radeon® 9100 IGP Pro
* IXP 300

The Catalyst® software suite 5.11 also provides 2D graphics driver support for the following FireMV™ products:

* FireMV™ 2400
* FireMV™ 2200 PCIe
* FireMV™ 2200

The latest version of the Catalyst® software suite is designed to support the following Microsoft Windows platforms:

* Windows XP
* Windows XP Media Center Edition (graphics driver support only)
* Windows 2000

New features introduced in the Catalyst® 5.11 software suite. New features include:

* Adaptive Anti-Aliasing
* Stretch Desktop Support for ATI FireMV™ Products
* Overlay Theater Mode Enhancement
* Catalyst® Control Center Enhancement
* CrossFire™ and the ATI Radeon® X1300 series

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