Seeing as we just had news of Fedora Core 4, I wanted to dig about on the Internet and find out some of what is new in this version. Looks like quite a fair bit, some of the highlights being:

-Version 2.10 of Gnome or version 3.4 of the KDE graphical desktop software.
-Evince software for reading Portable Document Format (PDF) 2.0.
-Global File System (GFS) software for distributing files across a group of computers.
-Linux kernel (2.6.11)
-Firefox (1.0.4)
-Samba (3.0.14a)
-Apache (2.0.54).
-A new default desktop theme called Clearlooks.
-x86-64 and PowerPC support.
-Xen virtualization software, which lets multiple operating systems run on the same computer.

Quite interesting stuff there, particularly the PowerPC support, which means that Mac users will finally be able to install the OS. In the past, Mac-heads had been forced to use a derivative distribution like Yellow-Dog Linux, but now they can install Fedora Core, in my humble opinion the best Linux in the universe.