Welcome to our second installment of TechSpot Weekly. If you have no idea what this is about, please read our brief intro from last week. As you'll hopefully find week in and week out, this will become our main vehicle to keep you current on any behind scenes news from our staff, our community, and for things in tech that deserve to be mentioned as the week starts.

As discovered early by some of our members, last week we debuted a new revision of our login system that not only should be faster and more user friendly thanks to the use of AJAX, but for those of you who prefer to clear cookies on a regular basis, you will find the system less disruptive for logging in quickly and getting back to where you left before taking any action.

We are also hoping to launch a new forum section later this week called The Tech Exchange. This will be our own dedicated Buy/Sell/Trade forum where TechSpot regulars can offer fellow readers computer and electronics items for sale or trade on a safe and familiar environment. The full details will be unveiled later on, but perhaps the most important aspect of The Tech Exchange is that we will limit participation to members who have been around for a long enough time. This barrier of entry will cap access to a few hundred members to begin with, but that's exactly what can make this a special place within our community. We'll also host a kick off giveaway available only to members that can participate in this new forum section.

As usual, we are working on new reviews and features. Last week things got pretty wild traffic-wise with the StarCraft II GPU/CPU performance article, in a good way, of course. TechSpot was mentioned in several fellow publications, tech and gaming blogs, lots of forums, and on a majority of the news sites dedicated to report on StarCraft happenings. Great job on this article, Steve!

Among other things, we have a big guide update in the pipeline. For some time we have neglected our Laptop Buying Guide, but we are 95% done with a refresh that will take a similar form than our "Latest in Smartphones" series. We expect to complete quarterly updates to these product-centric guides, so you can always count with fresh perspectives on what to buy at any given moment. This will also complete our trio of on-going featured guides, "the big ones" along with our PC Buying Guide that is kept fresh in near real time.

Other things to look forward to (kind of): RIM event on Tuesday where the company is expected to launch their revamped OS; new iPhone 4 jailbreak is now ready; and one of the coolest strategy games ever is slated for a comeback this August, any Worms fans out there?