Legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick returns to the Internet tomorrow when his probation forbidding him to use the Internet (and all computers) comes to an end. Kevin was jailed following a series of legendary hacking exploits, and has never used the commercial Internet.

But all of that will change tomorrow when "39-year-old Kevin Mitnick will log on to the Internet for the first time in eight years, during the live TechTV show "Screen Savers.""

Some background to Kevin can be read here, his domain is here, more information here. Kevin's story was even made into a movie, Takedown, which you can read about here.

Now something of a reformed character, Kevin will likely take up employment as a computer security consultant of some sort. He's become something of a celebrity, and wrote a book called "The Art of Deception" where he talks about a lot of the social and psychological aspects of his hacking. You can read about that book here. A very gifted computer security guru who is well worth reading about.