Google wasted little time bringing browser games to their growing social networking site. Today the company began rolling out a gaming service on Google+, similar to what Facebook has been doing for years.

The search giant is making it clear from the get-go that they don't plan to shove game updates and notifications down your throats like Facebook does. They want games to be "there when you want them and gone when you don't".

All game-related updates will fall under a separate Games tab at the top of your feed. This is great news if you hate constant Farmville and Mafia Wars requests.

Games for Google+ has started rolling out already but according to the company blog, updating the entire network will be a slow process that is expected to take several days.

Launch titles include Edgeworld, Angry Birds, Sudoku, City of Wonder and more. Google Engineering Director David Glazer said that they have intentionally launched with a low number of partners in order to work out all of the kinks with the APIs and get end-user feedback before expanding to include more partners and games.

Google+ launched less than two months ago and has seen overwhelming success since its debut. The trendy social networking site lured 20 million users in just three weeks and likely has several million more by now.

Google has taken what they deem as the best qualities from multiple networking communities and rolled them into a single package. Aspects of blogging, Twitter, newsletters and e-mail are some of the key features found in Google+.