Despite some confusion as to whether Intel's next-generation processor architecture had been delayed, it turns out that only the dual-core mobile chips will be held back, with quad core parts expected to arrive on track in April. Now details are emerging of Intel's new range of caching solid state disks to be released alongside Ivy Bridge.

Intel's new 313 Series solid state disks will utilize 25nm process SLC NAND flash memory, and will be built specifically with caching in mind alongside the Ivy Bridge lineup. SLC flash has much lower write latency than MLC and typically handles around 20 times more program/erase cycles, making it perfectly suited to scenarios involving continuous read/write caching.

Much like the previous 311 Series SSDs, they will likely be available in 2.5-inch and mSATA form factors, with the 2.5-inch version reducing the total height of the case to 7mm, 2mm less than the previous 311 series. Both will still employ the SATA2 3Gbps interface, in large part due to Intel not having a SATA3 6Gbps controller of their own.

They will be available in 20GB and 24GB capacities. It's not currently clear what the need for a larger capacity version is, although it could be that the larger capacity SSD offers slightly increased performance, according to VR-Zone. We will have to wait for review benchmarks to see if that is the case.

Pricing will be similar to the previous 311 series models, with the 20GB model set at MSRP of $99, and the 24GB model $119. They have been spotted for pre-order at a range of online retailers, although the pricing does seem higher than the suggested figures from Intel.

The new SSDs are expected to be launched in April alongside Ivy Bridge, but it is possible these will arrive shortly before the processors become available for purchase.