HTC has announced it will be shutting down, an integral part of HTC's Sense UI layer which provides online synchronization of contacts, texts, call history, geotagging data and phone-finding services. The company says user data will be deleted after April 30, 2012 but does provide users with instructions on how to back up their account data. 

Phasing out is part of the company's plan to supplant the website with what it calls new and improved services. As of this moment, there does not appear to be an official launch date for its successor.

Users are able to back up their data into a zip file by following these simple steps:

  • Visit
  • Log on to the website with your user name and password
  • Click "Download" in the "Account Overview" section
  • A zip file will be downloaded automatically to your computer

In the meantime, HTC claims users can enjoy many of the features provided by by visiting Google Play and downloading an app that "best meets your needs".

For those who still aren't aware of the recent change, Google Play is just the Android Market, reloaded.

Unfortunately from some users, HTC does not actually suggest any apps which mirror Sense's Internet-based backup, sync and location services. However, perhaps some of our readers may have suggestions of their own.