Verizon recently launched a new prepaid plan designed to offer significant savings for those not interested in a smartphone. The no-contract plan includes 500 anytime talk minutes in addition to unlimited text and Internet usage for just $35 per month – a solid value for someone that doesn’t spend a lot of time on their mobile device but would still like to keep it around for the occasional call or emergency.

As of writing, Verizon is offering four feature phones to use with the new plan: the LG Cosmos 2, the LG Extravert, the Samsung Gusto 2 and the Samsung Intensity 3. Each of these handsets can be had at a deep discount when activating as part of the new plan. Furthermore, a Verizon spokesperson said customers that already own select basic feature phones may be able to use those with the $35 plan as well.

There are a few stipulations to be aware of before you sign up, however. The plan doesn’t waive mobile-to-mobile calls which means if you call another Verizon customers, it’ll count against your total monthly minutes bundle. It’s also worth pointing out that users will be charged $0.25 per minute over the allotted 500 minute bundle.

In the event that 500 minutes per month simply isn’t enough, you may want to look into another recently announced prepaid plan from Verizon that offers unlimited talk, text and data for $50 per month. Alternately, regional carriers like RadioShack offer plans starting at $25 which include 300 monthly minutes.