Apple has finally started issuing settlement checks to iPhone 4 owners affected by the 2010 "antennagate" debacle. The $15 checks were first issued on April 17 and are only valid through July 16 according to some that have already received their money as first reported by 9to5Mac.

If you recall, Apple eventually admitted there was a problem with the antenna design on the iPhone 4. The phone's outer metal rim was used as the antenna which, when held a certain way, would cause the phone's signal to drop significantly - often resulting in dropped calls.

The company offered a free Bumper case to anyone that suffered reception issues with the handset which did help to alleviate the problem. This case effectively insulated the user's hand from the metal antenna, but not everyone was happy with the solution - rightfully so.

Individuals that opted to receive the free case were not eligible for the $15 settlement stemming from a class action lawsuit. Apple ultimately paid out $53 million as part of the settlement although lawyers took a large chunk of that judgment.

What's more, if this is the first time you're hearing about the settlement and you haven't already filed a claim, you're out of luck. The deadline for submitting a claim expired many moons ago.

Did you submit a claim for a refund check and if so, have you received yours yet? Let us know in the comments below!