Apple is giving away free content via the Apple Store iOS app as part of an apparent sales push. Starting today, users can download a copy of Color Zen, a puzzle game that normally retails for $0.99, free of charge through the app.

Once in the Apple Store app, simply navigate to the Stores tab and you’ll see a prompt for the free content. Tap it and you’ll be taken to a screen to finalize your download which is good through August 27. The promotion is expected to continue on indefinitely, however, with Apple eventually offering up a new app, a piece of iTunes media content like a song or a video and even e-books.

Why not offer free content through the App Store instead of the Apple Store app? To drive more traffic, of course. Apple’s in-store traffic and revenue were down this past quarter and that’s something Tim Cook wants to change. Of course, it’s worth pointing out that in-store traffic typically is higher when Apple releases a new product which didn’t happen during the previous quarter.

Cook recently told employees that he wants more iPhone sales to take place in Apple retail stores versus with other retail partners and carriers. Reports from the meeting point out that only 20 percent of iPhones sales take place in Apple retail stores. Special offers like this and annual back-to-school deals could be what he was alluding to.