With significant improvements, optimizations and a fresh new look, Kim Dotcom's cloud storage service Mega has announced that it is now out of Beta.

The new user interface is meant to reduce the CPU overhead while a cut in code size aims to make the service load faster. Also, your Mega session will now be cached in the web browser. This would speed up subsequent logins, as only the recent changes need to be loaded from the server the next time you log-in.

You can now set up your profile picture and it will reflect in the contact lists of your friends in real time. It's also possible to navigate the site while file transfers are in progress and track how many files a particular user is sharing with you, along with each file's last modification date and time.

Four color-coded buttons have been added on the top for users to easily navigate between cloud drive, shared folders, inbox and rubbish bin. The official launch also brings in a custom Firefox extension to improve download performance, strengthen security and reduce loading times. 

Mega users can expect an iOS app (already submitted to Apple for review) and a sync client later this month. The company is also planning to rollout encrypted messaging and chat services by early 2014, the announcement says. The messaging service lets you securely exchange messages, files and folders with any user, and the chat service will support text, audio and video in real time.