You have to respect a company or organization that tries to reinvent itself. It's never easy, it usually comes with a lot of criticism and birthing pains, and if they make it to the other side, they'll never be the same again. It's what's been happening in the mobile market for the last six years now and it's what starting to happen, once again, to the computing market in general.

So when an organization such as Mozilla, makers of the once uber-popular Firefox browser, decides to move way beyond its comfort zone and try to make a full-fledged mobile operating system, you know people will be paying attention.

Firefox OS is the result of this long-term bet for Mozilla and, even though it's still in its very early stages, it has its fair share of fans and enthusiasts. We've seen bits and pieces of the nascent OS at different events around the world, not to mention the number of times we've seen it ported to existing Android devices, but now we finally have an official product on the market, backed by Chinese OEM ZTE and a number of carriers around the world.

So how do Firefox OS and the ZTE Open stack up against incredibly fierce competition from Microsoft, Nokia, Google and Samsung?

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