The legal battle between Apple and Samsung continues after reports say recent talks between the two companies aimed at coming to some sort of settlement outside of court has again ended without either side coming to an agreement.

While neither party has confirmed such a meeting took place, several reports out of Korea suggest that Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung co-CEO JK Shin sat down last week in order to avoid resuming legal battles next month.

While it comes to no surprise considering the history between the two tech giants, the reports say the meeting ended poorly and was unproductive, with no further agreements being made. Apple and Samsung have met a many occasions over the last couple years in order to settle this patent infringement dispute, but talks always fell through with both sides standing firm.

Previously Samsung reps were expected to make a trip stateside in order to conduct talks ahead of a February 19th deadline, but Korean reports say JK Shin has no further plans of this nature on the books meaning the meeting has likely already taken place.

Tim Cook has previously gone on record saying that he and Apple are not fans of messy legal battles, and no one really is, but JK Shin has also been quoted as saying that Samsung has "no such intention" in settling with Apple. It sounds like these two are destined for the court room, the second infringement case is set to start next month on March 31st.

Image credit: CNN