Today, Google has launched a couple new productivity apps for iPhone and iPad users. Both standalone apps, Google Docs and Sheets come along with much of what you would expect offering mobile document editing, creation and collaboration. The standalone apps allow users to work together on documents without the need to access Google Drive or web browsers and will feature both on and offline functionality.

Google Docs for iOS is a free app and features all of the basic editing features you would expect along with sharing and the ability for multiple users to work on a single document at once. It also comes with a handy autosave feature, similar to what you'll find on the web browser version. Sheets is also a free app that comes with the same sharing, collaboration, and autosave features as Docs along with typical cell formatting and sheet operations.

According to Google, users will be prompted to download the new apps when going into their Drive app to access a document or spreadsheet. However, both the new Docs and Sheets are already available in the App Store.

You can also expect to be editing and collaborating on your presentations on the go soon as well, according to the Google Drive Blog post regarding today's releases. Google said it has a version of its presentation creation app Slides on the way for iPhone and iPad as well.