Hot on the heels of Apple's WWDC, where the Cupertino-based company announced its HealthKit platform for aggregating health and fitness-related data from third party apps and devices, Google is apparently set to launch a similar service at its own I/O developer conference later this month.

According to Forbes' sources, the service will be introduced as a set of APIs for developers to tap into and allow apps to share data from a variety of health and fitness trackers. It's unclear if Google Fit will be built into an upcoming version of Android, or released as a standalone app for users to download.

Google is expected to announce partnerships with wearable device makers at its I/O conference as part of its Android Wear initiative. It's likely that at least some of those might form part of the Google Fit ecosystem. LG's G Watch, for instance, is said to have a pedometer built in.

Further details are scarce at the moment but we'll learn more soon enough as the Google I/O conference is scheduled to kick off on June 25th.

Aside from Apple's HealthKit, Samsung also unveiled its own biometric data platform that collects health information from devices, dubbed Sami.