With such a large and dedicated customer base, some wonder why Valve hasn't begun offering other forms of media through its Steam platform. Valve is yet offer its 75 million registered users music, television shows and movies the way Google and Apple do. While there are some soundtracks and one film available, code dug up by @SteamDB may point at some new additions coming to Steam.

When crawling through Steam's source code, the words film, tv series and music were found with regards to apps users could purchase, as you can see in the image below. SteamDB tweeted the findings saying that the code appeared in a recent Steam Beta update and also contained words like video and plugin next to the above terms.

There is no clear indication as to what the findings mean exactly at this point. Some suggest it could point at Valve prepping to take on Apple and Google with a stronger push into the living room with Steam boxes.

But there is also a good chance it could just be some small change to existing content like the aforementioned game soundtracks among other things. Another possibility is that it has something to do with changes being made with regards to the currently ongoing Steam Music Beta, which allows users to listen to local music while playing Steam games.