Amazon initial attempt into the smartphone market has so far gone fairly successful with its new Fire phone, receiving generally positive reviews. The phone runs on a forked version of Android and is getting a fresh new update that adds a few key features. While it is always nice to see new enhancements come to the devices we own, some are criticizing Amazon for not including many of these new features from the get-go.

The update, Fire OS 3.5.1, adds a number of new features most Android devices come with right out of the box like multi tasking and app folders. Now, double pressing the home button on a Fire phone will bring up the new Quick Switch menu which, like other forked Android devices, allows users to close running apps and tasks as well as switch between them on the fly.

Fire phone users can also group apps together in folders now with the new App Grid Collections as well as pin favorite apps to the home page carousel. To learn more about both of these new features and how to access them, head over to Amazon's Navigate Your Fire Phone help page.

Some other changes coming by way of version 3.5.1 are enhanced lenticular photos, the ability to delete e-mails directly from the home screen carousel, improved video sharing and "dozens of system updates" to the already well received battery performance.

While not the major new feature update you may have hoped for, it is nice to see Amazon make sure its handset is up to par with other Android options.