Those looking to upgrade or build a new system using Intel's upcoming unlocked Broadwell desktop processor won't have to wait too much longer if the latest leaked roadmap proves accurate.

According to the slide, unlocked Broadwell chips with a 65W TDP on the LGA package are scheduled to arrive by the middle of Q2. That time frame could put their arrival just before Computex, a trade show in which motherboard manufacturers typically roll out new products.

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The next K-series chip from Intel will be Skylake-S, a 95W chip on the LGA platform. As a "tock" in Intel's tick-tock release cycle, this chip is expected to be completely redesigned with better performance and reduced power consumption. According to the slide, the "K" variant will be joined by standard 65W and 35W variants.

As Tech Report highlights, Broadwell and Skylake desktop parts will co-exist since the former will utilize existing 9-series motherboards while the latter will likely require a new chipset. Mobile Skylake chips, meanwhile, are set to arrive just ahead of their desktop counterparts although they'll use BGA packages.

Last but not least is Broadwell-E which isn't scheduled to arrive until early Q1 of 2016. It's listed in "X" and "K" variants on the LGA package with a thermal envelope of 140W. It should be compatible with existing X99 motherboards.